Since 1995, LIGHT-POINT has been producing innovative lighting products based on a long tradition for superior quality and craftsmanship. Over the past 27 years, LIGHT-POINT has brought to market an extensive product collection in an ultramodern and distinctly Danish design style, a design language that continues to unfold today.

The company challenges the perception of what good lighting design can do.

Our products express a consistent approach: the quest for the ideal balance of perfect form, the latest in LED technology and something that is both aesthetically timeless and minimal design.

Every design LIGHT-POINT produces, whether it is light for a bathroom, table lamps, pendants for a living room or built-in ceiling and wall lights, has a unique emotive experience.

Our designs

Our collections are all based on the concept of Form Follows Function. All designs are sleek, ultra-minimalistic and with an international design language.

Throughout the entire design process, our team of dedicated designers headed by our founder Ronni Gol and Head of Design, Nital Patel always do their outmost to achieve the highest possible quality.

It always starts with an idea. Then comes a sketch which gives an immediate sense of the concept followed by prototypes which offers a unique opportunity to adapt and adjust the dimensions, shape and most importantly, the function.

Our founder

Ronni Gol is the Founder of LIGHT-POINT, with a vision to create innovative lighting products with an ultra-modern and distinctly Danish design style.

“We strive to push the boundaries of lighting design beyond just form and function, but concerned with how products can enhance the environment they are in, whether that’s indoors or outdoors.”
– Ronni Gol