Control your lamp with your smartphone

With LIGHT-POINT SMART TUNE powered by Casambi, you can adjust the light using your smartphone. 

Using the CASAMBI app allows you to switch the lamp on and off, easily dim the light and adjust the colour temperature. This uncomplicated yet feature-rich application enables you to seamlessly control your lighting. 

The CASAMBI app has everything you need for intelligent, flexible, and fully automated lighting control at your fingertips. 

Pendants with SMART TUNE powered by Casambi

Our pendants from the EDGE, AURA and ORBIT Collections have integrated Casambi – an intelligent standard for lighting control that provides a unique option for playing with light. 

With LIGHT-POINT SMART TUNE you get full control, and you can manage several lamps simultaneously by creating various zones in your home with a combination of lamps. 

EDGE pendant

EDGE pendant adds an aesthetic dimension to any ceiling. The design embodies the idiom “form follows function”, whereby the widest part of the tapered edge provides maximum light on any working area. This product has Smart Tune integrated.

ORBIT pendant

ORBIT pendant is a suspension light that works optically, spreading light further, wider, and more softly. The optic glass lens provides glare-free light, eliminating annoyance to the eyes while providing maximum light where needed.

AURA pendant

The AURA pendant is a flexible spot rotating around its own axis. The design is based on the principles of the International style of architecture, combining clean lines with technical precision. This product has Smart Tune integrated.

Create a pleasant atmosphere 

Light is essential when you aim to create a pleasant atmosphere. Increase the brightness when preparing dinner for friends and family. Dim it later in the evening when it’s time to relax. The light has a surprising effect. 

You can also adjust the hue of the light from cold to warm – or vice versa – as required.